Why Choose Our Sound Masking System?

What Makes a Good Sound Masking Supplier?

When the goal is to deliver a workspace atmosphere that optimizes focus and promotes productivity while ensuring employee privacy and comfort, there are key differentiators that you should look for when choosing the right sound masking system supplier.

Actively Engaged in Acoustics Research

Firstly, the supplier you are looking for should be serious, dedicated and strongly involved in acoustics research and sound masking. We have been driving innovations in acoustical engineering, noise control and sound masking for over 20 years. We’re the only company employing such a large number of PhDs, acoustical engineers and technicians, pooling their accumulated knowledge and collective know-how to solve architectural, environmental and industrial noise problems for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Dealing with noise is all we do and we’re best at what we do.

Moreover, our experts play a number of key roles on various international standards committees. For example, Soft dB is an active member of the ASTM E33 Building and Environmental Acoustics and ASTM E33.02 Speech Privacy technical committees, where we continuously contribute to the development of international standards for the performance of sound masking systems in today’s ever-evolving workplace. Indeed, having a set of standardized performance assessment standards for sound masking helps eliminate the guesswork out of achieving the desired level of noise control, speech privacy and acoustic comfort.

Concrete Innovations in Sound Masking Technology

Secondly, the sound masking supplier should bring tangible technological innovations to the fields of sound masking and architectural acoustics in general. Soft dB is a recognized global leader in technical innovations in sound masking and has multiple patents proving it. In particular, our adaptive volume adjustment system (US Patent 8116461 B2) identifies variations in ambient noise in real-time, from signals supplied by sound level sensors installed in the ceiling of the work space. And thanks to an advanced signal-processing technology, it automatically adjusts the masking volume based on the intensity of conversations and other noise distractions across the office space.

Flexibility, Adaptability, Scalability and Usability

Additionally, we all know that the modern office space comes in a variety of layouts from open plan concepts to closed offices and hybrid, activity-based workplace (ABW). Such space integrates diverse interior design trends and materials such as exposed ceilings, movable glass walls, sliding doors, skylights, acoustic tiles or clouds, etc.. Your sound masking supplier has to offer a very flexible system that’ll seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructures and provide optimal masking sound throughout the day. There isn’t much room for error when ensuring that the system blends in the office space, performing its function unnoticed. Soft dB specifically achieves that goal in two ways:

  1. By offering the widest selection of sound masking loudspeakers. Plenum speakers, flush-mount ceiling speakers (a.k.a direct-field), exposed ceiling speakers, flat, compact, directional, hidden, and even vibration speakers: such unmatched variety of equipment enables us to effectively broadcast the optimal masking sound in an almost infinite number of office layouts.
  2. By acoustically calibrating every sound masking project based on the unique characteristics of each space covered. Parameters such as size, type of ceiling, wall coverings, and furnishings have a direct influence on the propagation of sound masking. If the sound masking system is not properly calibrated to the specific conditions of the room, it becomes ineffective and/or irritating. Our SmartSMS-NET sound masking system adapts to features and attributes that are specific to each individual work environment. Its unique automated calibration system (US Patent 7460675 B2) uses a sensor to measure the acoustic response and the background noise in the space. Based on this data, it automatically calculates the noise spectrum that must be used to emit a soft, uniform, and non-disruptive masking noise.

Our mission is providing the most advanced sound masking technology on the market to improve speech privacy, productivity and acoustic comfort in any workspace, whatever the architectural design and office layout.

What Sets Our Sound Masking System Apart?

Features designed with cost-efficiency and simplicity in mind:

  • Complete project management software with intuitive graphical user interface
  • Multiple communication, networking and control options (Ethernet; USB and Wireless)
  • Fully compatible with Crestron’s advanced control, automation, and unified communications systems
  • Mobile app enabling end-users to control masking, paging and background music volume from any smartphone
  • Real-time adaptive adjustment of masking volume based on ambient noise (US Patent 8116461 B2)
  • Automated calibration process (US Patent 7460675 B2)
  • Exceeds LEED-v4 acoustic performance requirements for sound masking systems:
    • High-efficiency amplifiers and low power electronic components
    • Includes an auto shutdown function that reduces power consumption to zero outside normal operating hours

Our system also includes these nice-to-haves:

  • Real-time clock (Timer) included in all units for daytime adjustment
  • Complete monitoring and self-diagnosis feature
  • Periodic system diagnosis and active control report
  • Programmable ramp-up function to progressively introduce the masking sound into the workplace

We’ve Helped Clients Worldwide Take Control of Their Office Noise

Backed by a team of dedicated professionals in business development and a network of hand-picked distributors, Soft dB is honored to have won the trust of numerous Fortune 1000 customers worldwide. Our sound masking products and acoustical consulting services are available in more than 40 cities in over 25 countries. We can’t wait to work together on your next project and let you hear the Soft dB difference for yourself.

Is office noise affecting your employee morale and productivity? We’re ready to help.
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