Soundmasking System for Open and Closed Offices

Soft dB Sound Masking System

The most advanced technology for your office


Introducing a Leaner, Simpler,
Better Sound Masking Controller

Learn more about architectural acoustics and the technology of sound masking for today's office spaces.


SMS-CTP: A New Centralized Touchscreen Panel

Intuitive touch technology allowing for simple and secure sound masking volume adjustments in one centralized panel.


CMS-II: A New Controller for Small & Medium Offices

CMS-II is a new sound masking controller, easy to use and tailored for small and medium offices . It offers unprecedented sound masking performance at a competitive price.

Sound Masking System for Open and Closed Offices

What is Soft dB Sound Masking?

A picture is worth a thousand words. This brief video explains everything you need to know about our sound masking system and what it can help you achieve for your workspace..

Features That Make Our System Unique

Automated Calibration & Equalization Process

Our sound masking technology allows for precise spectrum tuning based on the unique attributes of each work environment.


Real-Time Adaptive Volume Adjustment

The sound masking volume seamlessly increases during busy, noisy periods and decreases as the office becomes quieter.

Network Ready Sound Masking System

Wired or wireless, our networked technology simplifies control of individual sound masking zones while reducing installation costs.

Who Benefits From Sound Masking?


Financial Services

Preventing unauthorized access to personal information.

Health Care

Improves the acoustic neutrality of spaces and confidentiality during consultations.


To prevent privacy and security issues when you talk with your customers.


Improves privacy between rooms, in the lobby and conference areas.


Improves confort and confidentiality in closed and open office configurations.


Improves productivity and overall acoustic comfort.

Call Centers

The best solution to restrict the propagation of noise in open spaces.

Architects & Designers

Sound masking systems solve acoustic issues without sacrificing design aesthetics.

General Contractors

Eliminates or reduces the need for plenum barriers, insulation and extra drywall layers.

Professional Services

Simple and effective solution for  confidentiality and protection of your clients confidential information.


Improves speech privacy between offices and raises the acoustic comfort level of open-plan offices.

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Want to Know More About Our Sound Masking Solution?

Our advanced sound masking technology will help you increase productivity in your workspace by reducing noisy distractions and providing opportunities for privacy and focus. A comfortable office positively impacts employee mood, drive and performance.