Introducing the RL-96: a Leaner, Simpler, Better Sound Masking Controller

Introducing the RL-96: a Leaner, Simpler, Better Sound Masking Controller

By Softdb posted may 13, 2019 in Soundmasking

Recently added to our SmartSMS-NET sound masking product line, the RL96 is a rugged, compact rack-mount sound masking controller that packs a punch. It is meant to replace its bulkier predecessors, the RL120 and RL200, as one of our flagship sound masking controllers specially tailored to office spaces above 5000 square feet (460 m2). Designed with simplicity, versatility and cost-efficiency in mind, the RL96 delivers a whole new level of acoustic performance in a sleek 1U compact footprint.

Power up to 96 sound masking speakers with a single controller

The RL96 comes with 8 output channels, each of which is independently equalizable and capable of driving up to 12 sound masking speakers. Many controller units can be networked together to power as many sound masking speakers as needed. The ability to perform installations in multiples of 96 speakers is one of the key aspects making the RL96 a highly flexible and extensible solution for medium to large scale sound masking projects that require more granular control over multiple room configurations.

More flexibility and control also come from the RL96’s 8 input channels. These channels are dedicated to Soft dB’s proprietary technology allowing for active volume control of the masking sound in each zone, but can also be shared with background music and paging inputs according to your specific needs.

Enough power for both sound masking and paging

The RL96 provides plenty of amplifying power to drive highly effective sound masking along with quality paging and background music programs. In fact, when connecting the RL96 to our high power SMS-STR sound masking speakers, it’s possible to achieve up to 7 dB in sound output per individual speaker.

Intuitive touch screen interface

Just like any other Soft dB sound masking controller, the RL96 is network ready and can be managed remotely with our SmartSMS-Net Project Manager software. Meanwhile, the controller also comes with an intuitive touch screen interface that gives you the convenience to to quickly adjust both sound masking and background music volume on the spot, as well as choose from a selection of preset equalizer settings for each zone.

Built-in self monitoring

Designed to meet the latest UL standards for auto-monitoring, the RL96 continuously checks for speaker connectivity issues and conducts internal tests to confirm that key components are working like they should. Optionally, you can be instantly notified by text message or email of any technical anomaly as it occurs, which makes maintenance and troubleshooting a lot simpler even in the most complex sound masking setups.

RL-96 Key Features:
  • 8 output channels
  • Up to 12 speakers per channel
  • Independent equalizer for each channel
    • 340 narrow bands automatic equalizer
    • 1/3rd octave bands automatic or manual equalizer
  • 8 inputs for Active Volume Control of the masking sound in each zone
  • Independent 1/3rd octave equalizers on inputs when used for music/paging
  • High-efficiency / low consumption power amplifier providing 92 dBA at 1m
  • Integrated Touch Screen for easy control of masking sound and music in each zone
  • LEED compliant compact rack mount unit (1U)

smartSMS-NET networked sound masking system highlights:

  • Real Time Adaptive Technology that continuously and seamlessly adjust the volume of the masking
    sound for optimal confidentiality and comfort (US Patent 8116 461)
  • Automatic equalization that guarantees the optimum sound masking spectra (US Patent 7460675)
  • Simple and highly versatile without compromising sound masking performance and quality.
  • Many controller units can be networked together to construct large sound masking projects