What Types of Workplaces Benefit Most from Sound Masking?

Open-Plan Offices

Sound is easily transmitted throughout open-plan offices, given that there are no doors or walls to block propagation.

Because of this, conversations between colleagues or talking on the phone can be clearly heard by everyone across the office floor, which makes it difficult for workers both nearby and further away to get into flow and concentrate on their tasks.

Reducing the Radius of Distraction

Sound masking improves the acoustic comfort level of open-plan offices by reducing the distraction radius by a great deal. Hence, workers get significantly less distracted by conversations, and any other incidental sound for that matter, happening within a radius of 15 to 40 feet from where a sound masking loudspeaker is located.

Enclosed Private Offices

Significant Layout cost reduction

In closed offices where private conversations are typically meant to be kept that way, Soft dB sound masking eliminates or reduces the need for plenum barriers, insulation and extra drywall layers. With our system, office construction and soundproofing costs can be reduced by up to $3 per square foot, while still achieving proper speech privacy and confidentiality.

Greater flexibility

Sound masking improves speech privacy and confidentiality between offices separated only by modular partitions. It significantly improves the acoustical performance of movable walls without compromising their core virtues, flexibility and aesthetics.

Activity-Based Workplace

In an activity-based working environment, everyone doesn’t necessarily have their own desk. On any given day, employees can choose a place in the office where it’s most suitable for them to complete specific tasks, ranging from intense and focused work to team collaboration to formal meetings or impromptu one-on-ones.

In such highly flexible working environment, no two days are alike. The office space’s soundscape tends to vary a great deal, from buzzing and distracting to pin-drop silent and fairly tense, based on the ever-changing levels of activity and occupancy.

Drown out Noisy Distractions and Even out the Quiet

At busier times, our sound masking output signal seamlessly blends in the relatively high office background noise level, while continuously adjusting itself to noisier spikes, mostly arising from loud conversations or verbal communication in general, and quieter lows. Simply put, the sound masking volume automatically increases as the office gets busier, and decreases as it becomes calmer. So employees consistently experience the same optimal level of sonic comfort and intimacy no matter how busy or quiet their work area gets.

At quieter times, when workspace activity or occupancy levels are at their lowest, our sound masking system will subtly increase the background noise level just enough to drown out distracting sounds stealing the employee’s focus, without this little extra background noise becoming a source of distraction in itself. What’s more, sound masking also helps ensure that any private conversation carried amid the otherwise quiet workspace remains confidential and unintelligible to other employees.

Impression of our Sound Masking Projects Europe

Boston Scientific International

The Netherlands

Aegon Headquarters

The Hague
The Netherlands

AKZO Nobel Headquarters

The Netherlands


NS Groep Headquarters
The Netherlands

Flightcontrol Center
The Netherlands

Reckitt Benckiser
The Netherlands

The Netherlands

TenneT Headquarters
The Netherlands


BGS Beta-Gamma-Service GmbH 

Ansell SA



Mastercard Headquarters

DNV Headquarters


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